Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Entryway Teeth

In my general habit of overdoing things, I had been planning to scary up my entryway with some teeth and eyeballs...of course I was sketching out plywood plans, paint, mounting brackets and the works....but....

yesterday during a trip to the Dollar Tree I found exactly what I needed, they had inflatable eyeballs!  Yes, this entire project could be so very simple and ended up costing $5!

I bought 3 sheets of foam board for a buck each, and a couple of inflatable eyeballs.  I proceeded to go home, grab the 7' ladder and got to work.  I cut the foam board long ways into three teeth per sheet by making odd shaped triangles with a utility blade, I then took my white duct tape and taped each "tooth" on the back side of the entry.  The result looked great especially at night, the eyeballs would wait until morning....

I stuck some small cable ties into the eyeballs (which have holes for such things) and mounted them on some light hangers that were outside the upstairs window and VOILA! 

And that is what you can do with a little duct tape and $5

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