Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've Gone Owl Crazy!

So I was at the Green Market/Bazaar in Royal Palm Beach this past weekend, and I was, admittedly, a bit scattered so I attracted the people who want me to make random stuff since I had everything and anything there...the woman in the booth across from me actually suggested that I make some owls, since "everyone's crazy about owls right now".  She was a seasoned professional (or whatever you call one with decades of being out in the sun under a booth selling their wares) so I was open to her advice.

Now, I had made owls before, with Vivian...out of some heavy duty cardboard rolls left over from making tutu's, and they were fantastic...but I wanted more!

I just finished a big project for Coca-Cola during which I figured out how to (safely) heat mold PVC and it has felt like the final step in my PVC evolution.  I remembered making the owls out of cardboard and thought...hmm...I can heat mold the tops, and make REALLY STURDY owls!

More is on the way, but I'm absolutely tickled with the results, will post more information on how to make these soon!

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