Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Super Creative Christmas Trees

Oh boy do I love Christmas!  I think, beyond the "reason for the season", much of this has to do with the acceptance of going way over the top if you want to on decorations.  Recent years have seen more folks doing the DIY thing (perhaps due to sites like Pinterest) and the images and ideas that are readily available.  I've gathered together some of my favorite trees for this year.

  1. Wonderful idea from (except I guess you might have to mar a wall to do it).  I do LOVE this idea, would probably look cute on some cut wood too.
  2. Here's one from, another super creative idea, especially for a book lover, a book store, or a bookshelf display...

3. Here's one that's not exactly DIY but it sure is beautiful, a tree made from Murano glass (which, I've noticed, bears a striking resemblance to PVC) in Italy.

4. Here's a wonderful tree filled with color and fun, a creative collaboration with Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things and another Australian artist. 

5. I've been eyeballing this one for a little while now, from, this one is a great idea and you can find directions for it on their site!

6. Here's what I call a "guy's DIY", a frosted tree made from copper tubing with freon running through it, of course when I first saw it I thought it was made out of PVC!  Mono focused I guess ;)  Hop on over here to see how they made it happen!

7. And on to a simpler look that looks like a fun and easy DIY, a framed "tree" made from ornaments.

8. How about a tree made out of Nescafe containers?

9. Here's another non DIY one, fantastic Pac-Man tree!

10. And can't go down without some food in the mix, check out this fantastic tree made out of strawberries!

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