Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hanging Outdoor Lights, One Solution

So, it's Halloween again, which means that the stores are starting to be flooded with CHRISTMAS gear!  I do love some good lights, in fact I'm a bit of a junkie for it.  One problem, the new abode I am residing in is a rental, meaning minimal damage and virtually no experimentation!

i was looking around through the heaps and heaps of stuff I have accumulated and found my "dog run" kit, mostly self made with the dual ended leash thingie in it.  I just found some fantastic rainbow globe lights that I really wanted to hang, but with no trees and little other choices, I decided I could throw the dice with a 1/4" hole in two spots.  I grabbed a couple of eyebolts, measured out the leash thing distance, and ran the coated wire across a little triangular area outside the screen porch.  I was able to clip the wire on each side, and since the lights had clips on them I could scoot em around on the wire.  My main point is that you don't hang wire with just the wire, it's much nicer to clip it to something!  Plus, when it's time to move, I can just unhook the leash and there we go!

I couldn't resist snapping a shot with the full Hunter's moon in the background.

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