Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Zombie Doll Makeovers

I love Halloween decorations it seems that nothing is taboo. Of course perhaps it just means that nothing is taboo according to me.

I picked up several broken porcelain dolls at a local thrift store for about a dollar each the other day. I sat and I looked at them and I wondered what they wanted to be. Their clothes were outdated they didn't look happy I thought they might enjoy giving everyone a good scare for Halloween this year.

Here's the group altogether

A motley bunch to say the least...

So I stripped em down and I covered up their eyes with little pieces of electrical tape. Had I had any I would've actually just use Vaseline because that much easier for repelling paint and it can be much more focused. Just a little Q-tip and some Vaseline over any parts you don't want covered with which you can wipe off after the paint. Everyone was sprayed with a good coat of cheap 96 cent spray paint from Walmart.

Then I just got marginally creative with some gray paint some black paint some green paint and some red paint....

And here is the final magic: 

Of course I'll post another final group picture before they go into their respective spooky scary places but it sure has been fun and very easy and cheap. The total cost including the dolls was under $10

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