Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easy PVC Skeleton

Let me say first off, that I am certainly not the first person to make a skeleton out of PVC Pipe, but I do make lots and lots of stuff with the stuff, and I do love the way this guy turned out.  I ended up making him with just leftover scraps so I probably would have done a little more on him if I weren't just using scraps!

It does make him pretty simple, here's a quick supply list:

4 3/4" PVC "slip" crosses
8 3/4" PVC Slip Tees
1 3-way PVC Corner (these are harder to find and not necessarily mandatory!)
1 Piece of 10' x 3/4" PVC
A PVC Cutter, Chop Saw or Hack Saw
An empty bleach bottle
Random paints


Cut 9 x  5" pieces (for the ribs and in between the ribs)
Cut 4 x 8" pieces (shoulders and hips)
Cut 6 x 15" pieces (arms and top part of legs)
Cut 3 x 20" pieces (bottoms of legs and neck)

Assemble as shown:


Paint your bleach bottle however you want, I did a little dias Muerte thing with this guy and I like how it turned out.  His head isn't attached, and I didn't glue the PVC so he can wiggle around a little bit.

I've certainly seen more complex ones, but this one is great, as it's light enough to sit on the hedge without damaging it, and very easy and cheap!

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