Friday, October 11, 2013

Crazy Friday night Halloween pipe cleaner octopus

Had a sudden urge tonight for the nostalgia of pipe cleaner crafts... and so was born the crazy Friday night Halloween pipe cleaner octopus. Using just a few things I had laying around the house (which may not be laying around anyone else's houses), I was able to make this fun little guy to help decorate for Halloween!

What he needed was 32 various pipe cleaners two rubber bands a plastic Christmas ball and some googly eyes.  Also having experimented with several glues for the googly eyes on the tinsel pipe cleaners I ended up with Elmers fabric and leather craft glue.

First I gathered up my pipe cleaners making sure I had pairs of different colors

You could probably make one with just two colors and or one color and it would look cool but not as cool as this guy. Then I secured them together with a rubber band around the top edge

Then I spread them out making sure that there were pairs matched up together but everything else was relatively random

Man I rocked him around Christmas ball that I happen to have many of and secured the base with yet another rubber band... I'm leaving that text to type in there because my text to type these days of been pretty funny but what I said was then I wrapped them around a Christmas ball

Once I had my second rubber band in place I went ahead and curled the edges of the top around to cover up the rubber band

After that I twisted set of two into together to make a candycane like strike in them once I had that done I curled them around a crochet needle but you could use a pencil or anything else you have handy to make the legs

After that I just shaped the legs a little bit glued on some eyeballs and he was ready to go!

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