Monday, October 28, 2013

Ten Hilarious Costumes for Kids

From the most creative, to the most disturbing...after extensive research and analysis it's time to announce my favorite funny DIY costumes of the year...and the winners are...

The easiest DIY Costume:

The adorable kid in the Abercrombie Bag, apparently this one has been making the rounds of Facebook, and it's quite worthy of the attention.  I wonder if his mom or dad was like, holy crap, I forgot it was Halloween, oh, here's my shopping bag, hope it fits!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  

Extra points for Craftsmanship:

Seriously?  This one is no last minute endeavor, and how incredibly cute it this???  Hey Kool Aid!

cutest juice costume ever, red kool aid toddler!

Wagon Integration:

How cute is this one?  Mouse in a mousetrap?  LOVE!

For the Non-Walker

I think I have this same pot, would have been fantastic to use before Vivian could walk!  How cut is this kid? 

Movie Theme

This has to be one of my absolute favorites, little boy dressed up as the old man from the movie UP

Superhero Cuteness

Holy cuteness Superman....or is it Clark Kent?  This one from Think Geek has got to be one of my favorite easy last minute DIY's!

Sitcom Character

Hilarious Dwight from "The Office"....have to LOVE the grown-ups making their friends crack up!

For The Bald Baby

Can never go wrong with a classic!  The Charlie Brown Costume, complete with hand drawn hair curl (hopefully it's not a Sharpie!)

The Slightly Disturbing

Yet another easy to make DIY costume, and just a little disturbing.  Homeless bum toddler?  Yep.

Most Disturbing

So my child has been constantly combining things in her costume ideas, "I am going to be a pumpkin-goat-unicorn witch"...I wonder who thought up the "Chicken with Alien Bursting Out" idea for this one!  You have to admit, it's kind of funny!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrift Store Bookcase = Awesome Sandbox!

One of the many new challenges to renting a home is making things that are not permanent. Such was the challenge with making a sandbox. I previously had one at our old home that was almost dug into the ground.

For this project I actually did a little Pinterest research. I found other creative souls who had made sandboxes outof repurposed bookcases which I thought was a grand idea. I set off for the local thrift store to see what I can find. I ended up with a fantastic bookcase where the back was buckled out and almost missing which they were trying to get rid of for a mere three dollars.  Here's the bookcase with just the back knocked out as I brought it home.

As an experiment I bought some of that plastic coating paint which I used as a base coat for the entire bookcase. I thought that this would make it a little more weather resistant although in Florida that makes things a little difficult.

The plastic coating paint did give it a unique texture that made me feel that it was actually going to resist the elements a little bit better than if I had not used it.

Then I looked in the garage for what colors I already had his first spray paint and Vivian actually decided that she wanted pink and green. Once I started painting the green I realized that painting pink on the inside would make it look like a watermelon this is probably sparked by the pink paint being actually called "watermelon".

Then I did what I had done previously in the mountains which was to staple landscape fabric on the backside of the bookcase even though I wasn't putting this on the ground I thought that this would actually add a little bit of protection from the sand seeping out etc.

The end result is a fantastic deep sandbox that Vivian absolutely loves I think it should last a while I used five bags of sand and that seem to suffice. While the recommendations on the play sand are geared towards making you buy more I actually thought I might need 10 bags luckily I didn't go with that.

So for a total of $15 plus for the sand +3 dollars for the bookcase +6 dollars for the landscape fabric (and I still have a whole lot of that leftover) we have an awesome sandbox.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easy PVC Skeleton

Let me say first off, that I am certainly not the first person to make a skeleton out of PVC Pipe, but I do make lots and lots of stuff with the stuff, and I do love the way this guy turned out.  I ended up making him with just leftover scraps so I probably would have done a little more on him if I weren't just using scraps!

It does make him pretty simple, here's a quick supply list:

4 3/4" PVC "slip" crosses
8 3/4" PVC Slip Tees
1 3-way PVC Corner (these are harder to find and not necessarily mandatory!)
1 Piece of 10' x 3/4" PVC
A PVC Cutter, Chop Saw or Hack Saw
An empty bleach bottle
Random paints


Cut 9 x  5" pieces (for the ribs and in between the ribs)
Cut 4 x 8" pieces (shoulders and hips)
Cut 6 x 15" pieces (arms and top part of legs)
Cut 3 x 20" pieces (bottoms of legs and neck)

Assemble as shown:


Paint your bleach bottle however you want, I did a little dias Muerte thing with this guy and I like how it turned out.  His head isn't attached, and I didn't glue the PVC so he can wiggle around a little bit.

I've certainly seen more complex ones, but this one is great, as it's light enough to sit on the hedge without damaging it, and very easy and cheap!

Hanging Outdoor Lights, One Solution

So, it's Halloween again, which means that the stores are starting to be flooded with CHRISTMAS gear!  I do love some good lights, in fact I'm a bit of a junkie for it.  One problem, the new abode I am residing in is a rental, meaning minimal damage and virtually no experimentation!

i was looking around through the heaps and heaps of stuff I have accumulated and found my "dog run" kit, mostly self made with the dual ended leash thingie in it.  I just found some fantastic rainbow globe lights that I really wanted to hang, but with no trees and little other choices, I decided I could throw the dice with a 1/4" hole in two spots.  I grabbed a couple of eyebolts, measured out the leash thing distance, and ran the coated wire across a little triangular area outside the screen porch.  I was able to clip the wire on each side, and since the lights had clips on them I could scoot em around on the wire.  My main point is that you don't hang wire with just the wire, it's much nicer to clip it to something!  Plus, when it's time to move, I can just unhook the leash and there we go!

I couldn't resist snapping a shot with the full Hunter's moon in the background.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Fun

So Halloween shopping at the dollar tree this week I was intrigued by what they showed as a "carveable" pumpkin. Now this is simply a piece of Styrofoam painted to look like a pumpkin that is hollow making it easier to "carve" into it. Either way it's a dollar so why not try one out?

Here's what the start looked like:

And after a little cosmetic work with a utility knife some plastic beads some ping-pong balls (also from the dollar tree) and some pipe cleaners here's what we got. Oh and I forgot to add, The most important touch, a doll baby leg.

Oh yeah we got a little sick and twisted Halloween theme working.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Crazy Friday night Halloween pipe cleaner octopus

Had a sudden urge tonight for the nostalgia of pipe cleaner crafts... and so was born the crazy Friday night Halloween pipe cleaner octopus. Using just a few things I had laying around the house (which may not be laying around anyone else's houses), I was able to make this fun little guy to help decorate for Halloween!

What he needed was 32 various pipe cleaners two rubber bands a plastic Christmas ball and some googly eyes.  Also having experimented with several glues for the googly eyes on the tinsel pipe cleaners I ended up with Elmers fabric and leather craft glue.

First I gathered up my pipe cleaners making sure I had pairs of different colors

You could probably make one with just two colors and or one color and it would look cool but not as cool as this guy. Then I secured them together with a rubber band around the top edge

Then I spread them out making sure that there were pairs matched up together but everything else was relatively random

Man I rocked him around Christmas ball that I happen to have many of and secured the base with yet another rubber band... I'm leaving that text to type in there because my text to type these days of been pretty funny but what I said was then I wrapped them around a Christmas ball

Once I had my second rubber band in place I went ahead and curled the edges of the top around to cover up the rubber band

After that I twisted set of two into together to make a candycane like strike in them once I had that done I curled them around a crochet needle but you could use a pencil or anything else you have handy to make the legs

After that I just shaped the legs a little bit glued on some eyeballs and he was ready to go!

Halloween Zombie Doll Makeovers

I love Halloween decorations it seems that nothing is taboo. Of course perhaps it just means that nothing is taboo according to me.

I picked up several broken porcelain dolls at a local thrift store for about a dollar each the other day. I sat and I looked at them and I wondered what they wanted to be. Their clothes were outdated they didn't look happy I thought they might enjoy giving everyone a good scare for Halloween this year.

Here's the group altogether

A motley bunch to say the least...

So I stripped em down and I covered up their eyes with little pieces of electrical tape. Had I had any I would've actually just use Vaseline because that much easier for repelling paint and it can be much more focused. Just a little Q-tip and some Vaseline over any parts you don't want covered with which you can wipe off after the paint. Everyone was sprayed with a good coat of cheap 96 cent spray paint from Walmart.

Then I just got marginally creative with some gray paint some black paint some green paint and some red paint....

And here is the final magic: 

Of course I'll post another final group picture before they go into their respective spooky scary places but it sure has been fun and very easy and cheap. The total cost including the dolls was under $10