Monday, June 3, 2013

Surprise Stained Glass Effect on Wooden Letters with Crayons!

So I ran into Hobby Lobby the other day optimistic "one thing"...ha ha...anyway, the cutout letters were on sale (of course they were) for 50% off, which made them #1.50 each. I've had all kinds of ideas about what to do with them, then the other night, I just made a bunch of lines on them with glass paint, which came out raised like the lines in stained glass. The next day, when they were dry, my 3 year old was able to color them "inside the lines" with a little help from the fact that the lines were raised, and by using crayons on them it came out pretty cool, like a semi stained glass look. Anyway, I like it! Guessing that any paint that comes out with a raised effect, preferably with a "nozzle" on the lid, will work...add crayons and voila!

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