Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick and Easy Cardboard Craft- Binoculars!

So if your child is anything like mine, she's always looking through cardboard tubes, she just turned three so imagination runs wild!

Just finished making some tutu's and had the heavier duty cardboard tubes left over so I thought I would throw together some binoculars over breakfast....simple and easy, here's what you need:

Cardboard tubes (heavier duty work better, but you could do this with toilet paper rolls)
Duck/Duct tape (they make all kinds of designed ones these days!)
A string of plastic beads (left over from Mardi Gras perhaps?)

First, I just wrapped the tubes with tape, no science there...
Once that was done, I cut a small notch in the side of each one and slipped in some leftover plastic beads, this is where it helped to have the "lids" that come with the tulle rolls, but you could also tape over the top again.  I then taped the tubes together and the magic happened!

This project took about ten minutes from concept to completion!

And now we shall go exploring!

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