Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soda Can Hanging Fern

So here's a breakdown of my latest project; however, I have a whole lot of catching up to do on my blogging, but seems I'm going to be going in reverse order!

I made a fun fern out of soda cans and I think it's pretty smashing!

So I started off by cutting pieces of corrugated plastic (from my stack of recycled election and campaign signs!).  I painted the pieces brown with the Krylon paint that bonds to plastic.  I then glued the pieces around a planter salvaged from our community dumpster.  This can be tricky, and I recommend using clothes pins or other clamps to hold the pieces in place at the top as they can be quite springy!

I then filled the planter with spray foam insulation, available at any hardware store.  Tip: when the can says only fill 50% of the space you want filled, THEY MEAN IT!  Be sparing, and be sure to allow it to harden overnight.

After my pot had 2 layers of "wood", and my insulation had dried, I sanded and glued floral picks onto pieces of soda cans I had cut to look like ferns.  I then arranged them (carefully) in my hanging pot and I am tickled with the result!

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