Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Commissioned Soda Can Wall Hanging

So the bears are now awake, making the daily trip to the recycle bin quite risky...but having just completed my first really large piece and it's been worth the risk!

Since it's being shipped up to New York tomorrow I needed to take some pictures so I won't forget...and this one is hard to part with!  My lovely customer on Etsy originally sent me a photo of a flower that I believe is displayed on a wall outside an antique shop in South Carolina, the challenge was that the piece she showed me was made out of large steel paint cans and other large cans, and she wanted a 36" diameter piece made with soda cans.  I would say it turned out beautifully!

My challenge on the MacGyver end was to make this piece happen and keep it stable so that it could hang on a wall...materials varied from chicken wire, to gutter guard, to finally yardsticks and pizza pans!

I will post more pictures soon, and hopefully I'll have a picture to show once it arrives and is hung on it's new patio wall far to the North!

The other fantastic thing about this piece is that it comes apart and is able to ship in a golf club box or similar...this aspect of it is something I am especially proud of, as if I start making more of these, they will be in "kits" so that they can be assembled by whoever buys them and they will feel that they are part of the artistic process as well!  Whoopee!

I have been getting crazy with the soda cans of late...partially because I am able to make these things for little cost and I'm a bit broke lately, but also because there are so many different things to do with cans and it's so much fun (except for my aching hand from tin snips and can crushing!).

So for now, I'll roll the dice with those bears and keep it up with the cans...

This guy was at the top of my driveway the other day...

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