Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Thrift Store Mystery

Okay, file this one under, "what the heck is this" and pin it, tweet it and share it so I can solve this mystery.

Went to a little hole in the wall thrift store today run by a bunch of good old boys, as I was checking out I noticed this behind the desk, they jokingly told me it was a case for me to keep my tiara in, and admitted that they had absolutely no idea what it was.  They then proceeded to sell it to me for $1 if I promised to tell them what it was when I found out.  So here it is...

Show everyone, I've googled but it's hard to google when you don't really know what to google.  It has a sturdy metal handle and the whole thing is padded inside (you couldn't really put anything in it except maybe something breakable).


Thanks to my facebook friends, especially Sybille Petersen for solving this one!  It is apparently a Tea Cosy for carrying your teapot around without spilling it, hence the flat wooden bottom!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fascinating Find at the Goodwill

Often, I'm a sucker for picking up random crap that someone's kid made because I feel like those things are so precious and deserve to be loved.  That's what I thought I was doing today...but as I delve a bit further, I'm just not sure.

I remember when I was a child we did some sort of "family crest" project in art class.  This very well could be what this is...but again, I'm putting this out into the universe hoping that someone will see it and help me out.

Either way, let's go ahead and show you what I'm talking about...

At first glance, I thought it was a cute art project (and I'm still pretty sure that's what it is); however, after a little cuddling up with my buddy Google, the plot thickens a bit.  Additionally, once I started actually looking at the artwork (the dragon's face and proportions, etc.) it looked a bit more intricate than a kid's art project.

When I started researching, I kept coming up with pages in Spanish (thank God for Google Translate)...eventually I typed in all of the words on the piece and came up with something definitive that contained it ALL; however, this is only ONE website out in the world of Al Gore's internet which details the Escalante family crest during the 1500's. 

So I have sent photos off to a few folks and anxiously await any answer that will tell me anything about this!

Stay Tuned!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Great Bowling Ball Roundup!

So a while ago, I was doing my usual golf cart ride to the community dumpster and someone had thrown away a bowling ball...being unable to resist interesting looking garbage I threw it in the back of the golf cart with the thought of perhaps "sniper bowling" from my deck as they were thinning out the deer in my little community.  Then common sense took over and I decided I had better find a more responsible use for this new find.

So, as any logical person would also determine, the bowling ball must be turned into yard art!  A good friend of mine asked me to make her some for her yard...she went to Georgia Tech whose mascot is a bee so I made her a yard bumblebee in her school colors, using old screens for wings, upcycled copper posts for antennae with cedar closet balls on the ends.  I think he turned out just great!

With my newfound excitement for all things bowling ball, I started keeping my eyes open for bowling balls in thrift stores, etc.  On day ONE of my hunt, I walked into a thrift store and asked them if they happened to have any bowling balls...the girl looked at me like I was crazy and that perhaps I was messing with her as she walked me to the back of the store to show me this:

Pallet of Bowling Balls
Needless to say, there will probably be more bowling ball projects on the way!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kusudama Flowers and Ball with Maps!

So I picked up this German atlas book at a thrift store for about 75 cents...I love maps, and then I thought I could certainly upcycle this into something (or many things) more!

I started looking into paper folding, or as it's frequently called, origami.  I found instructions for these really awesome flowers...then to take it one step further, putting a bunch of the flowers together to make a ball.  I am pretty happy with the result. 

Very excited about this project, even though origami wouldn't normally have been something I would have even dabbled in!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Great project with Tin Container Lids!

Okay, this is kind of still a work in progress, however, if I don't share it now I might get busy with something else and forget!  I LOVE finding ways to recycle metal containers.  They are a lot more attractive than plastic containers for storage and sometimes they just need a little pretty-ing up.  One tried and true container is the Danish Butter Cookie tin...I find these every week in our recycle center.  A great thing about these is that the top is actually recessed.  I was thinking about what to do with them and went ahead and primed a lid yesterday.  Last night I was sitting at my desk with a random bag of stones and a hot glue gun next to me so I just proceeded to glue them to the lid.  I think it looks fabulous, although I feel that I might do more to it to seal it.

Here's the before picture, one that is pretty familiar to most...