Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Find of the Day - Vintage Hair Accessories

So last week, I stumbled upon a combination liquidation sale/estate sale up here in Jasper.  The big fun was for Vivian, since they were trying to get rid of everything, she could utilize her "inventory" skills (i.e. removing everything from shelves/hooks, etc.) with little we went every day for three days!

One of the crazy and interesting finds of the day was an old set of hair curlers.  As I found random things, I often googled them to get more information, etc. but these I haven't found anywhere.  My initial thought was to use them for art projects...but rethinking this since they seem to be pretty rare.  Of course, I got them for practically nothing so it's no big deal if I do use them for something else but I'm going to try to find out more information first...

Along the same line, I also managed to acquire an antique metal and wood hair dryer...and since there are more of these "Eskimo" hair dryers out there, I'm probably going to be using this to make something and cleaning it up a bit.

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  1. those hair curlers are a set a student purchases in beauty school. Best used with securing pins and tissues to wrap the ends.