Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easter Bunny Racket!

So during Christmas, I found a tennis racket at the dumpster in my community (not like I'm diving in like a crazy bag lady or anything...but actually, if I saw the right thing in there....).  So I've figured out that if you look in the right place you can pretty much always get old tennis rackets for next to nothing at thrift stores.  Given that Easter is coming soon, I thought I'd get crazy and creative again with an old wooden tennis racket and made this:

I LOVE this even more than the Christmas racket and by the way, is it racket or racquet?  I've always spelled it in the latter way but I'm refocusing my alternatives in spelling to ease and understanding (meaning, given the choice between two variations, I'm gonna shoot for the easy one from now on!) but I digress...

This was not a very difficult project once I put together the MacGyver aspect of it in my head...and I think it's just about the cutest easter decoration EVER.  I'm going to make more and sell them on Etsy!

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