Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Butterfly Lantern Project

So it's been a while since I posted last...not for lack of crafty fun!  My PVC wreaths took off during the holidays on Etsy and I spent much of my time crafting wreaths...got challenging when the weather turned cold but I made it happen!  I've also been working on the website to be launched SOON!

Anyway, I'm going to start posting the projects I've worked on during the last month or so...but in the spirit of crazy disorganization, we'll start with the latest one first.  I LOVE light, and have so many ideas of things to do with the excess Christmas lights I have picked up at the post-holiday sales, and we'll get to em shortly.  I was wandering the hallowed halls of Home Depot last week and picked up some gutter guard and aluminum flashing with a vision in mind.  After lots of scrapes, riveting, tin-snipping and butterfly punching, I have an awesome lantern.

Materials used:
  • gutter guard (about $2)
  • aluminum flashing (a roll of this is about $8, and I used less than $1 worth)
  • rivets
  • various soda cans (free...kinda)
  • flameless candle I bought on clearance for $1...they have these at the Dollar Tree as well.
Total project cost: less than $5

While I am proud of the minimal expense of this project, it did take a lot of time to put together, mainly because I was engineering it as I went along.

I will be adding more detailed instructions, but for now, I just want to brag about it!

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