Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why not get your Kindle Now?

I know that this doesn't have a whole lot to do with being "crafty"...but it needed to be said!  Even for my toddler, the Kindle has been an amazing addition to my gadget collection...I have several children's audio books on it that I can hit "play" and she gets to listen to John Cleese or someone else much more talented than myself at storytelling...

As a proud Amazon Associate, and Kindle owner...I must say that there is no better time to get one of these wonderful gadgets.  You might think this is just fluff and advertising but there is so much that they don't even tell you about the Kindle and I want to share it with the world!

  • If you are concerned about the "ads"...they only show when you aren't using it (like a computer screensaver)
  • The basic, no frills version doesn't have a backlight or light up or have a light....BUT here's the magical part, you can use other gadgets with your Kindle account.  I happen to have a toddler, and every now and then she will be in the bed with me.  I can turn off my lights and resume reading my book on my iPod or even my Blackberry!  And it's seamless, it automatically goes to the last page you read on any device.
  • You can "borrow" library books on your Kindle
  • You can share books with your friends
  • And the newest, most awesome and amazing feature now is the "Kindle Owner's Lending Library" where you can get tons of books (even current bestsellers) for FREE!  Mind you, it's for Amazon Prime members only; however, there are all kinds of promotions for Prime, right now I think you get 3 months free when you get a Kindle.
  • What is Prime?  Let me tell ya, I live in the mountains...I buy everything except milk on Amazon, and I get free 2-day delivery on just about everything.  I can drive an hour to the store, OR the UPS man shows up at my doorstep with everything I need....but, I digress, back to the one!  See what all the fuss is about!  It's awesome.

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