Friday, November 25, 2011

Using Peppermint in your Decor, Part II

So I've started making these lovely garlands out of peppermint candy and I've finally got the formula right.

First, unwrap the candy.  The neat part about this is that you can do this project with your child or as a family.  You can buy big buckets of this candy at Walmart.

Then, I used a drill with a small bit to drill holes into the center of the candy.  I have seen other folks use embroidery needles; but I like power tools and I'm guessing that the margin for error is far less with a well as time.

Then I threaded beading wire through the holes, I used a gauge that was thick enough not to need a needle but thin enough to drape.

Then I applied several coats of Krylon clear latex finish.  It's very important to apply lightly and then wait to dry before applying more.

I'll probably finish it off with some large beads on each end, but so far so good!

Makes a festive and unique Christmas garland.

Update...the candy looks much better with a few beads strung in beside it...and yet another update, I have decided that candy is NOT my preferred medium ;)

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