Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peppermint Candy Centerpiece

So I've learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to peppermint candies.  I thought a centerpiece "wreath" of starlight mints would be fabulous.  It was...keyword...was.

There is an absence of information online about how to seal and/or preserve decorations made with candy.  I now know what not to do.

Do Not:
Use Mod Podge on multi-colored candy.

Use a clear acrylic spray lightly allowing to dry between spraying.

The process that worked:
I had a wreath/ring form that I got at Dollar Tree.  I hot glued starlight mints onto the ring and then glued red-hots to fill in the gaps and empty spaces.  You can carefully use a lighter to get rid of random strands of glue but don't get it near the candy.

Lightly spray a clear finish...allow to dry...and repeat until surface is no longer sticky to the touch.  I will be posting another one and might even let ya'll see the process of failure to shining success.

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