Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Decor of the Day - PVC Wreath

Update...after mandatory supply run today (was out of PVC glue and was trying to "wing" it with some random caulky glue which was far from successful.  Had a chance to cut up some more PVC and dig for remnants from previous projects.  Partnered with dreary weather and tornado warnings all day, it's been a good day for crafting around.   As before, Instructions and information coming soon; but one thing I will say is that if you don't have a decent table saw or chop saw (or know someone who does), then this project might be too time consuming; but the finished project is just stunning and I can't wait to improve on it even more!

It was almost fun and therapeutic once I had the right adhesives in place.  I thought about figuring out a way to create some kind fancy algorithm so that I could create a mathematically generated pattern and then I realized that I was, as I tend to do, overthinking it when I could just do it the simple way...glue one pipe...then eyeball it, and then the next.

I used a piece of plywood to serve as my staging area ad I realized that a small metal spatula is super handy for separating the of those lucky moments when I thought the entire project was glued to the plywood until I tried the spatula (thinking that PVC glue pretty much just sticks PVC).

So there will be more detail coming's lesson learned, use the right tool for the right job, especially when it comes to glue, it makes your project so much easier!

 Update...made a smaller simpler one that can be customized, actually LOVE the way it looks just plain.


  1. Thanks Beatrix...that was round one, just about to post round two! I'm pretty excited about this one, I make TONS of stuff out of PVC but not much of it is pretty and this has a very modern, clean look about it. I am experimenting with colors and sizes right now. Stay tuned!