Monday, November 21, 2011

Glowing Dragonfly Jar

Okay, this might have been a better post in the summer, or better yet, Halloween; however, it came to me today so here it is...

I am a self-confessed hoarder of sorts.  I don't have a problem throwing things away, I do have a problem throwing things away that I could potentially make something out of.  About three years ago as I was packing up to move back to this mountain, I was taking down lights from my screened-in porch.  Mind you, I've always been a HUGE fan of lights...(which is dangerous now that I have learned some basic wiring skills!).  Anyway, I had a set of lights that I had bought that had metal dragonflies on it.  The lights were done, gone, burned out, not salvageable...but the metal dragonflies, now that was a different story!  So today, I was emptying out a box to throw things away and I came upon the dragonflies and's now or never!

Turns out it was now!

I have been collecting various glass jars for making snowglobes (no need to panic on the "collecting" aspect there, I live in a community with an internal recycling center so I can get more whenever I would like to...saves some hoarding space.  In addition to having jars handy, I also had various shades of "glow-in-the-dark" paint, including a can of the new Krylon one, "Glowz" which can be purchased at Amazon for lower than anywhere else (and I'm a big fan of their free 2-day shipping.

and just a little reminder to my readers...I try to be very cautious whom I advertise with, and have shopped with (and often for) the items I list on my site.  If you need something from Amazon, it would be much appreciated if you clicked on it here (even if it ain't the spray paint!) because sometimes I can make a little bit of money for doing what I love...most time I don't but I've gotta give it the old college try! I also think it's tacky to put up a paypal just for "donations"...while I do understand blogging as an art form; I think we should all be wise in accepting advertisers and sponsors to keep it clean and honest!  Long story short, if you need to buy something from Amazon, do it through me and I'll look like a rock star!  (a pretty grungy mountain woman rock star but nonetheless.)

Also, to me, Amazon can be like Google, in that you can easily fish what you wish when looking for what you need.  For instance, I'm going to find ya'll a real good deal on some glow paints in various colors...they don't have to be too fancy so I'll find the good ones for you!

Miss me?  That search was harder than I thought.I did find the top of the line stuff, just in case you were going to become a glow-maniac.

Then, there's a REALLY cheap one (similar to what I actually used on this project) but I'm not making any guarantees on that!

So anyway, back to the dragonflies...I took a look at them and estimated they might fit really well into a large pickle jar.
I then proceeded to prime three of the dragnflies prior to spraying them with several coats of teh Krylon Glowz paint.

I then took whatever paintbrush I could find and splacked (like the word?  Just made it up) three different colors of glow in the dark paint into the jar.  Thick, but not too thick

I then returned to re-coat those dragonflies.

I figured out a relatively non-awkward way to position these into the pickle jar.  So after all of that, I have now used yet antoher thing that I would have probably tossed out years ago.  Now Vivian has a "nightlight" that will last just long enough until she falls asleep.

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