Saturday, November 19, 2011

Even more PVC for the Holidays! PVC Tree

So I recently made a wreath out of pieces of PVC pipe...had another spark of something and made a PVC Christmas tree.
It comes down to this...I LOVE circles.  And with all of the options for Christmas ornaments, etc. PVC + Christmas = perfect opportunity to make all kinds of wonderful things that incorporate ornaments!

For this one, I laid it out in a wooden frame...(didn't do that with the wreath and it kept going and going and going...)
I also added the "trunk" at the last minute which allows it to stand up (but it will probably be much better hanging on the wall).  I also used all "shatterproof" ornaments that I got for a great deal at Kmart (and they have some great deals on their "trim a home" stuff going on right now).

The result of using all of these circles ends up in a modern looking piece that will fit in with other holiday decor (and if you use a more temporary glue on the ornaments, they can be switched out and switched around).

I'm getting ready to make some of these to sell, when I was working on the instructions I realized that many of you may not be as PVC-attuned as myself and with all of the chemicals, saws, etc. it might not be the project for everyone.  Stay tuned to my Etsy site for more...however, I'm going to put them on the blog for sale first (realistically, I don't have to give up a percentage AND it's just easier!).

Just in case anyone wants one now...go ahead and buy it!

I must say I am very pleased with the results of this experiment.  Wish the holidays would last forever!

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