Friday, November 25, 2011

Coyote Crafts or just Off Topic...

So I'm going a little bit (or realllly far) off topic for a moment.  I live in the mountains...not exactly the wilderness; however we have our share of wildlife.  After my community capped our dumpsters this year the bears who had been dining in them for 30 plus years found themselves on their own.  Needless to say it was a record bear year.  Bears in cartoons = cute stuff.  Bears in real life when you have 2 dachshunds and a toddler = not so cute.

Here's an illustration:

this is a cute bear

Dumpster diving bear (pre-dumpster caps) = not cute

Driving up to the dumpster (post-caps) and being stalked by a bear = not cute at all

 So anyway, our bears don't really hibernate, they take really long naps.  I'm guessing they nap because it doesn't get quite cold enough for a full hibernation.  Regardless, they are kind of napping now, so besides the odd rutting deer running around looking like they are on steroids, the coast is pretty clear!

Or so I thought...

Now we've got coyotes.  I hear we've always had them but I guess I didn't believe it.  Well, the other night the house a few doors down from me had coyotes surrounding their garage (where they house a couple of outdoor cats).  Cats!?!  Why would they surround sweet little kitties?  Guess it's time to increase my knowledge of coyotes.

Georgia DNR Coyote Fact Sheet

Ugh...kind of liked pretending they weren't real much better.

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