Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PVC Laundry Sorter

This was one of the first projects that inspired my love of PVC.  My laundry bin had fallen apart, it wasn't a particularly nice one...but I liked it because it had three separate bins.  It had always been flimsy, probably purchased at one of those super duper discount I decided to rebuild it.

I neglected to shoot a "before" shot...but found a similar one on a popular retailer's site.

Looks nice right?  Well, the sorter part is great.  The sorter itself is nothing special or pricey, you can buy one for around $15.  I just wanted something to LAST.

As with many of my projects, I would probably do it differently next time...consider that I was a beginner in this whole PVC medium.

I am gathering together all of the different plans to add to these posts but in the meantime they are here for your perusal.

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  1. StorageManiac Laundry Hamper Sorter from Bizarkdeal

    Awesome product! Awesome Value! StorageManiac has crafted an awesome laundry cart. I’ve got a busy household and a ton of laundry to do every week. This 3-bin cart allows me to sort the laundry as we go each day. The heavy duty removable bins I can just dump into the washer and go. Industrial framework and rolling casters allow me to move a large and heavy amount of laundry around with ease. I can roll it from room to room and even roll it out on to the patio to hang laundry on the line. I can sort the clean laundry into the separate bins for everyone to put away as laundry is finished. The bins are very easy to clean and maintain. Assembly is a breeze. I do recommend using a power driver to assemble to save some time as the bolts are very long. Over all this product is a great and has a very nice price tag. Budget friendly all the way!