Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Underwire Issues? Here's a Fix!

Okay...after trying just about everything over the years, I have found the solution for those underwires popping out of my favorite bras and tops.  I remember a few years back, I used to LIVE in those tops from Intimacy...I think they were the first spaghetti strap tank tops/camisoles with actual real support built in (not the shelf bras that make the well-endowed look like they are sporting an eggplant under their tops)...anyway, I looked SO good in them (even if it was just in my mind), and they weren't cheap, if I recall they were between $50 and $75.  Anyway, I was having cocktails with some girlfriends, looking cute (remember?) and this really good-looking guy came up to me and commented on my very interesting necklace...looked down...long pause...grasped for a quick explanation as to why my underwire was encircling the TOP half of my left breast...said, "thanks, it's new" and ran to the ladies room.

Nowadays, there's not many nights out...but, thanks to my little tricks, even the Intimacy tops have made it through over a decade!  In the beginning, I tried sewing the little buggers...but it never really held well (of course I was doing that by hand).  Eventually I learned the joys of hot glue guns!

Benefits of fixing your bras and other underwires with hot glue:
  • It's easy
  • It's cheap
  • It works
  • It lasts
  • Makes it through the wash 
  • If it wears out...which can take years...just do it all over again!
What you will need:
  • Your pile of underwire-less or underwire-loose tops
  • A glue gun
Make sure that you get the underwire ALL THE WAY back in, if it's prarie-dogging (see funniest scene ever in movie Rat Race), nothing is going to hold it in.  Once it's pushed all the way back in, apply hot glue.  Make sure not to leave big blobs of glue, it's important to spread it over the entire gap where the wire is coming out.  Hot glue gives it a nice rubbery texture (similar to the stuff they use in strapless bras) and it will hold up and last forever.

My apologies for using a 15-year old top for the "tutorial", I was on a roll and already fixed all of my "pretty" bras!

now wasn't that EASY!

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