Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Entryway Teeth

In my general habit of overdoing things, I had been planning to scary up my entryway with some teeth and eyeballs...of course I was sketching out plywood plans, paint, mounting brackets and the works....but....

yesterday during a trip to the Dollar Tree I found exactly what I needed, they had inflatable eyeballs!  Yes, this entire project could be so very simple and ended up costing $5!

I bought 3 sheets of foam board for a buck each, and a couple of inflatable eyeballs.  I proceeded to go home, grab the 7' ladder and got to work.  I cut the foam board long ways into three teeth per sheet by making odd shaped triangles with a utility blade, I then took my white duct tape and taped each "tooth" on the back side of the entry.  The result looked great especially at night, the eyeballs would wait until morning....

I stuck some small cable ties into the eyeballs (which have holes for such things) and mounted them on some light hangers that were outside the upstairs window and VOILA! 

And that is what you can do with a little duct tape and $5

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten Fantastic DIY Gifts for Kids

1. DIY Play Kitchen

Make it:
I've seen lots of these made out of recycled/upcycled entertainment centers online and been trying to find the time to make one of my own, and I must say, this one from thehaasmachine.com is everything I would want in my own play kitchen!  Maybe they will make me one!

or Buy it:

2. Doll Baby Carrier

Here's a fantastic tutorial from sunscholars.com

Make it:

or Buy it:

3. Mr. Potato Head Quiet Book

The folks at Jocelyn and Jason have been generous enough to share this project via Dropbox with the world, you can grab all of the templates here.
Make it:

or Buy it:

4. Mix and Match Wooden Blocks

This one is kind of a make it/buy it one, and well worth the $5!  The folks at Olliblocks have created these wonderful printables to put onto blocks, so for the busy crafty mom, or someone who really wants to make a handmade gift but lacks certain creative skills, this one is for YOU!

5. Lace Princess Crown

Okay, this one is FANTASTIC, a DIY beautiful crown that you can make in the MICROWAVE!  Rook No. 17 offers a full tutorial and I'm going to make one today!
Make it:

or Buy it:

*of course if I figure out how to make these and they look fantastic I'll be selling some of them!

6. Dragon Hooded Towel

A fantastic tutorial is available for this one from the folks at craftylittleprojects
Make it:

or Buy it:

7. Art Caddy

LOVE this one from the folks at iheartorganizing going to have to add this to my list.  What a fantastic creative gift for the creative kid in your life!

Make it:

or Buy it:

8.  DIY Dollhouse

There are fantastic ideas out there everywhere, here's a great dollhouse project with ideas and tutorials from thebusybudgetingmama
Make it:

Or Buy it:

9.  DIY Chalkboard Globe

Being something of a globetrotter myself, I was pretty excited to find this fantastic idea from designsponge.  It's kind of presented as a DIY gift for men, but I can't wait to adapt it for my kid!
Make it:

or Buy it:
Surprisingly, you can actually buy a globe that is all chalkboard!

10. DIY Train Table that can STORE UNDER THE BED!

Love this one, and there's a full tutorial available from Diary of a Preppy Mom
Make It:

or Buy it:

Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Super Creative Christmas Trees

Oh boy do I love Christmas!  I think, beyond the "reason for the season", much of this has to do with the acceptance of going way over the top if you want to on decorations.  Recent years have seen more folks doing the DIY thing (perhaps due to sites like Pinterest) and the images and ideas that are readily available.  I've gathered together some of my favorite trees for this year.

  1. Wonderful idea from freshome.com (except I guess you might have to mar a wall to do it).  I do LOVE this idea, would probably look cute on some cut wood too.
  2. Here's one from homedit.com, another super creative idea, especially for a book lover, a book store, or a bookshelf display...

3. Here's one that's not exactly DIY but it sure is beautiful, a tree made from Murano glass (which, I've noticed, bears a striking resemblance to PVC) in Italy.

4. Here's a wonderful tree filled with color and fun, a creative collaboration with Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things and another Australian artist. 

5. I've been eyeballing this one for a little while now, from notmartha.org, this one is a great idea and you can find directions for it on their site!

6. Here's what I call a "guy's DIY", a frosted tree made from copper tubing with freon running through it, of course when I first saw it I thought it was made out of PVC!  Mono focused I guess ;)  Hop on over here to see how they made it happen!

7. And on to a simpler look that looks like a fun and easy DIY, a framed "tree" made from ornaments.

8. How about a tree made out of Nescafe containers?

9. Here's another non DIY one, fantastic Pac-Man tree!

10. And can't go down without some food in the mix, check out this fantastic tree made out of strawberries!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've Gone Owl Crazy!

So I was at the Green Market/Bazaar in Royal Palm Beach this past weekend, and I was, admittedly, a bit scattered so I attracted the people who want me to make random stuff since I had everything and anything there...the woman in the booth across from me actually suggested that I make some owls, since "everyone's crazy about owls right now".  She was a seasoned professional (or whatever you call one with decades of being out in the sun under a booth selling their wares) so I was open to her advice.

Now, I had made owls before, with Vivian...out of some heavy duty cardboard rolls left over from making tutu's, and they were fantastic...but I wanted more!

I just finished a big project for Coca-Cola during which I figured out how to (safely) heat mold PVC and it has felt like the final step in my PVC evolution.  I remembered making the owls out of cardboard and thought...hmm...I can heat mold the tops, and make REALLY STURDY owls!

More is on the way, but I'm absolutely tickled with the results, will post more information on how to make these soon!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ten Hilarious Costumes for Kids

From the most creative, to the most disturbing...after extensive research and analysis it's time to announce my favorite funny DIY costumes of the year...and the winners are...

The easiest DIY Costume:

The adorable kid in the Abercrombie Bag, apparently this one has been making the rounds of Facebook, and it's quite worthy of the attention.  I wonder if his mom or dad was like, holy crap, I forgot it was Halloween, oh, here's my shopping bag, hope it fits!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  

Extra points for Craftsmanship:

Seriously?  This one is no last minute endeavor, and how incredibly cute it this???  Hey Kool Aid!

cutest juice costume ever, red kool aid toddler!

Wagon Integration:

How cute is this one?  Mouse in a mousetrap?  LOVE!

For the Non-Walker

I think I have this same pot, would have been fantastic to use before Vivian could walk!  How cut is this kid? 

Movie Theme

This has to be one of my absolute favorites, little boy dressed up as the old man from the movie UP

Superhero Cuteness

Holy cuteness Superman....or is it Clark Kent?  This one from Think Geek has got to be one of my favorite easy last minute DIY's!

Sitcom Character

Hilarious Dwight from "The Office"....have to LOVE the grown-ups making their friends crack up!

For The Bald Baby

Can never go wrong with a classic!  The Charlie Brown Costume, complete with hand drawn hair curl (hopefully it's not a Sharpie!)

The Slightly Disturbing

Yet another easy to make DIY costume, and just a little disturbing.  Homeless bum toddler?  Yep.

Most Disturbing

So my child has been constantly combining things in her costume ideas, "I am going to be a pumpkin-goat-unicorn witch"...I wonder who thought up the "Chicken with Alien Bursting Out" idea for this one!  You have to admit, it's kind of funny!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thrift Store Bookcase = Awesome Sandbox!

One of the many new challenges to renting a home is making things that are not permanent. Such was the challenge with making a sandbox. I previously had one at our old home that was almost dug into the ground.

For this project I actually did a little Pinterest research. I found other creative souls who had made sandboxes outof repurposed bookcases which I thought was a grand idea. I set off for the local thrift store to see what I can find. I ended up with a fantastic bookcase where the back was buckled out and almost missing which they were trying to get rid of for a mere three dollars.  Here's the bookcase with just the back knocked out as I brought it home.

As an experiment I bought some of that plastic coating paint which I used as a base coat for the entire bookcase. I thought that this would make it a little more weather resistant although in Florida that makes things a little difficult.

The plastic coating paint did give it a unique texture that made me feel that it was actually going to resist the elements a little bit better than if I had not used it.

Then I looked in the garage for what colors I already had his first spray paint and Vivian actually decided that she wanted pink and green. Once I started painting the green I realized that painting pink on the inside would make it look like a watermelon this is probably sparked by the pink paint being actually called "watermelon".

Then I did what I had done previously in the mountains which was to staple landscape fabric on the backside of the bookcase even though I wasn't putting this on the ground I thought that this would actually add a little bit of protection from the sand seeping out etc.

The end result is a fantastic deep sandbox that Vivian absolutely loves I think it should last a while I used five bags of sand and that seem to suffice. While the recommendations on the play sand are geared towards making you buy more I actually thought I might need 10 bags luckily I didn't go with that.

So for a total of $15 plus for the sand +3 dollars for the bookcase +6 dollars for the landscape fabric (and I still have a whole lot of that leftover) we have an awesome sandbox.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easy PVC Skeleton

Let me say first off, that I am certainly not the first person to make a skeleton out of PVC Pipe, but I do make lots and lots of stuff with the stuff, and I do love the way this guy turned out.  I ended up making him with just leftover scraps so I probably would have done a little more on him if I weren't just using scraps!

It does make him pretty simple, here's a quick supply list:

4 3/4" PVC "slip" crosses
8 3/4" PVC Slip Tees
1 3-way PVC Corner (these are harder to find and not necessarily mandatory!)
1 Piece of 10' x 3/4" PVC
A PVC Cutter, Chop Saw or Hack Saw
An empty bleach bottle
Random paints


Cut 9 x  5" pieces (for the ribs and in between the ribs)
Cut 4 x 8" pieces (shoulders and hips)
Cut 6 x 15" pieces (arms and top part of legs)
Cut 3 x 20" pieces (bottoms of legs and neck)

Assemble as shown:


Paint your bleach bottle however you want, I did a little dias Muerte thing with this guy and I like how it turned out.  His head isn't attached, and I didn't glue the PVC so he can wiggle around a little bit.

I've certainly seen more complex ones, but this one is great, as it's light enough to sit on the hedge without damaging it, and very easy and cheap!